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Why The USA Is The Number One Study Abroad Destination In The World?

Unlike any other major overseas destination for higher studies, the United States stands out because of its immigrant culture with a freedom to dream and realize ones goals. This atmosphere created a world class technological advancement and spurred innovation in every field that the country became a hub that attracts talent from across the world. To fuel its enormous growth US universities started attracting young students with the promise of a lucrative career and work on cutting edge research for more than five decades.

A major factor for students to study in USA is the country offers work permits for a period of 24 months after completing the course. Additionally a 12 months of OPT (Optional Practical Training) can be availed. This is a boon to students to get enough work experience to get an employer sponsored H1B visa for extending their stay for upto 3 years and extend it till they can obtain a green card which is another major reason to study in USA.

Study Abroad Consultants in Coimbatore
Overseas Study Consultants in Coimbatore

Institutions in the USA offers excellent academic curriculum that is devised based on current and future industry needs that enables graduates a ready platform to kick start their career. The emphasis on quality research and development plays a huge role in its leading position as a number one destination for education. Being the best study abroad consultants in Coimbatore, we can help you fast track your application for the USA and make you study in USA.

American universities are famed for their wonderful campus life that attracts students who can mingle and get to know about various cultures from their peers from all the corners of the world enhancing their social and intellectual capabilities that are essential to succeed in this globalized world. The student groups and campus activities create opportunities for networking, share ideas and collaborate together on finding innovative solutions for a better future. We are the leading overseas study consultants near you in Coimbatore, who can facilitate your travel plans.

Some Top Universities to Study in USA

California Institute Of Technology

Caltech, as it is famously known world over, is the most premier institute in USA, is based out of Pasadena in the city of California. The most sought after school offers 28 majors in under graduate studies with a student intake of 1000 numbers and 30 majors in graduate studies with a student enrollment of 1200.

Stanford University

Another top private university located at Stanford, California, the college has the largest campus (8180 acres), 2000 plus faculties and highest student population of 17000. Famed for its research centric teaching, Nobel laureate faculties, industry sponsored courses, the campus is a melting pot of culture and intellect.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The most prestigious institute, MIT, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts has six schools of excellence offering courses in Architecture, Engineering, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Management, Science and Computing. It is a global innovation hub and its alums includes tech giants, industry leaders and creative thinkers.

Princeton University

Princeton University

A center of excellence that mould future leaders, the Princeton University is located at New Jersey, is the fourth oldest university in the US, founded in 1746. It offers specialized courses from Anthropology to Robotics, almost everything under the sun in academics. The university boasts more than a thousand faculty, seventy five centers of study and thirty plus departments.

Harvard University

Harvard University

A private Ivy League University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1636 has a four hundred years of history in making scholars on every field of study (47 Nobel, and 48 Pulitzer) and 32 Heads of States in its ranks. Among the toughest to get, Harvard is the number one school for studying law in the US.

Reasons To Choose USA As Your Study Abroad Destination

  1. World’s Leading Educational Institutions That Create Leaders
  2. Schools Offering Specializations In Diverse Subjects
  3. Excellent Research And Development Facilities To Fuel Innovation
  4. Industry Oriented Academic Courses For Immediate Placements
  5. Vibrant Campus Life That Improves Social and Cultural Knowledge
  6. Extra Curricular Activities Designed For Every Individual
  7. Exhaustive Libraries And Reference Materials That Are Up To Date
  8. Excellent Job Opportunities In Worlds Leading Organizations
  9. Opportunity To Earn While You Learn
  10. Safe And Secure Student Community
  11. Choice Of Accommodation And Food To Suit Any Budget
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Get To Know Our Study Abroad Process

From Application To Accomodation, We Follow The Right Process And Procedure

  • Counselling the students to understand their interest and preferences.
  • Assist in college and course selection.
  • Coaching them for the qualification process and language tests.
  • Application process along with necessary documentation to get Letter of Acceptance from the college.
  • Assist in study visa application, their procedures and formalities and liasoning with authorities.
  • Financial consultation, arranging for education loans, scholarships, collaterals for funding, etc.
  • Travel assistance, ticket arrangements, etc.
  • Networking with our community in the host country.
  • Post landing assistance, accommodation facilities, account opening, providing basic amenities thru local associates.
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Consultation Program

  • We meet the students and parents to get to know their interests, doubts, queries about studying abroad and clarify in detail the facts and realities so they take informed decisions with our capable counselors.
  • Detailed presentation of choice of courses, country of interest, employment opportunities and permanent residency prospects.
  • Exclusive sessions to alleviate their concerns and doubts to make them comfortable about their choices.

Language Test Support

  • Conduct a mock test to understand student capacity in English as a language which will help you study in USA
  • Provide training for language improvement, if needed, within or through partner training institutes.
  • Course materials for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE preparation will be shared with students.
  • On successful completion of language training, we assist in booking slots for IELTS, TOEFL and PTE tests and update members.
  • Students are expected to get the required grades as stipulated by each country.
Overseas Study Consultants in Coimbatore
Best OET Coaching Centre in Coimbatore

Choosing The Right College And Course

  • A detailed assessment of students academics and interests are considered and suitable courses will be recommended.
  • The options of countries and colleges for specific interest courses will be shared.
  • The opportunities related to the courses in terms of jobs, PR, etc., with different countries will be explained in a matrix so students are in the clear about their decisions.
  • Upon clarify and approval from students, a dedicated counsellor will take next steps for application.

Documentation & Application Process

  • A detailed checklist of documents that are needed to apply is shared.
  • Assistance in preparation of letters, SOP, resume making, etc will be provided by our counsellors.
  • Application process differs for each country and process will be followed at the convenient time and availability.
  • On students confirmation we shall apply for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies to the respective universities.
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Financial Aid Services For Aspiring Students

  • Worried about funds. Don’t despair. We arrange to get financial assistance for students who wish to study abroad.
  • Excellent connect with major banks and financial institutions who provide education loans for overseas studies.
  • We arrange to get loans that cover tuition fees as well as travel, accommodation and cost of living expenses during the entire duration of study.
  • We help you in the education loan application process with and without collaterals to get the lowest interest based on the financial background of the student and parent.

Getting Your USA Study Visa

  • Free study visa assistance for all the deserving students who wish to study abroad.
  • We help in preparing the documents and applying for study visa as per the rules and regulations of the respective countries.
  • We share sample documents, detailed checklists, formats of various paper work for a hassle free visa application.
  • Excellent training and grooming of students with mock interview process. Our training makes them avoid the pitfalls and be confident during the actual interview.
  • Each student profile is given individual attention and special care is taken during the visa process that enable us to secure a 100% success rate in securing the study visa.
Study Abroad Agents in Coimbatore
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Excellent Post Landing Service

  • Our service does not end after the admission, student visa, flight booking and take off. 
  • We continue our efforts to make sure our students are taken care even after they land in a foreign country.
  • We help the student network with same batch or seniors of the same university from our vast client base, so they feel safe and comfortable starting their new beginning.
  • We guide students in finding the right accommodation within their budget, linguistic groups, individual or shared, either in campus or outside campus, safety checked by our experts.
  • We help students in finding ways to get a part time job, connect them with peers who can help them get a job, refer local employment agencies, etc., as per country rules and norms for students.
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