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Best education is the stepping stone to your success, and through Triumph Hub being the Best study Abroad Consultancy in Coimbatore will help you can gain good guidance and support. We guide you to select the best course, in the appropriate university that will enhance your career, and be the stepping stone of your life.

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Good education is the stepping stone to your success, and through Triumph Hub, you can gain good guidance and support as we are the best study abroad consultancy in Coimbatore. We guide you to select the best course, in the appropriate university that will enhance your career, and be the stepping stone of your life.

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  • Career Counseling:

What Next?

This is the question which all the students face and sometimes become puzzled, to take an appropriate decision. Selecting the appropriate course and university is a life changer. When there is perfect guidance that helps you to achieve your goal is there, it becomes your boon in disguise.

Being the best Study Abroad Consultancy in Coimbatore we, thoroughly understand you and your goals and devise a plan to help you reap the most benefits out of your education. You must be aware that, it is not only the course, or the university that alters your career, but also the Country you chose to complete your education. Above all, it also depends on the budget, and also the duration of the course.

We have tie-ups with major universities across the globe and have partnered with all top universities across various streams. This helps you to select from a plethora of choices, that help you to enhance and chase your dreams.

  • Application Process/Support in paperwork:

Paper works are often intricate when guidance and support are provided, the work becomes easier and more efficient. We offer our expert guidance in filling the applications and also aid you in submitting the appropriate supporting documents.

  • Regular follow-ups with the University:

Our expert team will be in touch with the university, and periodically follow the updates the universityabreast constantly, this will ease the process of admissions, and also curbs the hassles in the process of joining.

  • Guidance in Loans and Scholarships:

When students want to join their desired universities, it is always finance that is one of the biggest hurdles they face. If proper guidance is given for them to obtain loans, and get scholarships, it benefits them highly, which boosts them to complete their education without worries.

  • Conduct Mock Interviews:

Facing visa interviews are very challenging. Often, it is one of the most complicated steps, a person needs to go through. We partner with the aspirants to enhance their confidence and help them to go through numerous mock interviews to face the panel with confidence.

Countries We Offer:


Why Study in the USA?

It is a dream for every student to do their education in the USA. It has attracted students for several years because of its development, quality of life, infrastructure, impeccable education, cutting-edge technology, and excellent working opportunities. Along with all these facilities, the country has excellent funding options and an ultra-flexible curriculum. The USA offers a plethora of universities, which are highly sophisticated and has both distinguished and enlightening educational environments.

The USA has a good environment for education, which provides generous opportunities and excellent higher returns over one’s investment. The country of the United States is an educational hub, which has over 4500 institutions offering various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs. The Government is also highly supportive of giving financial aid to deserving students. Overall, it suits the students who are going for their higher education. Many universities like Stanford University, Yale University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, and The University of Pennsylvania are highly renowned here.

Here are some of the notable universities in the US:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT):

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is also the hub of the latest technology and education, making it one of the most sought-after universities.

Princeton University:

Princeton University was founded in 1746 and is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in the US. Located in New Jersey, the campus houses almost 8500 students across 600 acres.

Harvard University:

Harvard University is the first organised university of this new age and is the first university in the US. It was founded in the year 1663. The institution has produced almost 10  Academy Awards, 48 Pulitzer Prizes, and 110 Olympic medals.


Why Study in the UK?

Universities inthe UK are ranked as the best and premium institutions and have the reputation to be the most trusted and sought after. Teaching methodologies and capabilities have excelled around the globe, offering various insights and knowledge for the students who join the program. The government also ensures scholarships for meritorious students and helps various students to continue their higher education. The government also supports a lot of immigrants to study and develop in the country, thus offering a lot of facilities.

Many students feel the creative freedom, and the way to explore newer opportunities to enhance their knowledge. There are great opportunities to enhance your knowledge and wisdom.It would be prestigious to graduate from a university in the UK. The University of Oxford and Cambridge University are two of the most prestigious educational Institutions in the world. The UK is where legendary English Writers like William Shakesphere and Charles Dickens were born.

The University of Oxford:

The University of Oxford offers education and research of the highest quality, it is independent and self-governing.  Students are usually admitted either in September or October to this College. At this university, the student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1, making it one of the most sought-after universities across the globe.

The Cambridge University:

Cambridge University is the second-best university across the globe and the best in Europe. Since 1209, it has marked a significant place in education, producing several scholars and scientists. It is home to one of the prestigious debating clubs.

Imperial College London:

Imperial College London is one of the prestigious universities and gained the status of one of the premier Educational Institutions in the Uk. it was founded by Prince Albert in the year 1845. It mainly focuses on science, technology, medicine, and business. More than 59% of the students come from other parts of the UK from almost 140 countries.


Why Study in Canada?

Canada is a promising country with a lot of potentials to emerge as the world’s most sought-after destination, enjoying high standards of living. It has all the capabilities of producing top-notch students with great talents and offers wide support. It has excellent infrastructure with world-class amenities. It is also interesting to note that it supports a wide range of immigrants, and offers a plethora of research opportunities.

There are ample job opportunities for any graduate to settle down, offering one of the best opportunities to become one of the most successful scholars and earn your degree in the world’s most prestigious institution. There are several older and prestigious universities, which attract a lot of students from various countries, offering diverse programs.

Some of the prestigious institutions in Canada are:

University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.It was founded in the year 1827 as King’s College and has over 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs. Over the past 100 years, it has been developing some of the world’s best graduates.

 The University of British Columbia:

The University of British Columbia is located in  Vancouver British Columbia. It was established in the year 1908 and enjoys the pride of being one of the oldest institutes established in this region. It ranks among the top three universities in Canada and receives huge funding.

The University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford. It boasts a huge campus of almost 150 buildings and over 40,000 students all over the world attend this university. The college has almost 400 programs in 18 faculties, and students from more than 150 countries attend here.

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