What is GRE?

The GraduateRecord Examination (GRE) isconducted to test the abilities of non-native English speaker aspirants in theirvocabulary, analytical writing, and mathematics.

It is an eligibility test for those who are migrating to an English-speaking country or willing to do further studies, especially in the countries of the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Canada. The validity of this test is five years, and the aspirant can use the score in that stipulated time to join any course of his  


Analytical Writing: The duration of this test is usually60 minutes, and there would be two tasks that the aspirant needs to work on, which are the Issue Task, and the Argument Task. This tests the aspirant’s keen skills in the English Language, and his creativity is tested.

Verbal Reasoning: The duration of this test is 60 minutes. The verbal reasoning questions appear in several formats. Half of them require you to read passages and answer questions on those passages. The other half requires you to read, interpret, and complete existing sentences, paragraphs, or groups of sentences. The verbal reasoning section has three sub-sections: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence, and Text Completion.

Quantitative reasoning: The duration of this test is almost 70 minutes, and has mathematical problems to solve. Each section has 20 questions, and would extensively cover arithmetic topics like Algebra, Geometry, Data Analytics, Statistics, and symbols.


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